300 new mineral occurrences in Cameroon

Recent findings after five years of work by the World Bank and the Ministry in charge of mines, the discovery of over 300 new mineral occurrences in Cameroon. Through Aeromagnetic and gravimetic surveys followed by geochemical and geological studies with over 18,0000 samples collected, significant occurrences of diverse minerals ranging from gold, Co, Ni, Mn, basemetals, Rare earth elements Uranium, Rutile and many others were identified in five regions of the Country. Before September the number of new occurrences as per estimates by the World Bank will largely exceed 500 in the five regions while awaiting final results from two other regions.

Details of this great discovery, the largest since independence will be made available by the World Bank sponsored project Precasem in the 3rd edition of the Cameroon International, Investment Mining and Exhibition Conference. It will be an opportunity to show case our computerized mining Cadastre and the above mentioned discoveries. These new mineral discoveries add up to the already great existing potential with Cameroon hosting the main part of the Central African Iron Ore Belt that stretches from Congo through Gabon to Cameroon along which are found World class iron ore deposits like the Mbalam ( Sundance of Australia), the Nkot iron deposit (Caminex) the mamelles iron ore of Kribi (Sinosteel of China), the largest lateritic Cobalt- deposit in the world at Lomie (Geovic) the Rutile of Akonolinga, the 2nd largest bauxite reserves in Africa (Minim martap).

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