The Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development (Minmidt), Gabriel Dodo Ndoke, carried out last Thursday May 9 in Lomié in the Eastern region, an awareness mission as part of the implementation of the Integrated Industrial Wood Processing Complex (Ciblo) project. A project that the Lomié municipality intends to implement, with the support of the government. Among the main targets targeted during this workshop, managers of surrounding community and communal forests. Because, the locality of Lomié, located in the middle of the equatorial forest, intends to set itself up as an economic pole of wood transformation.

According to the mayor, Gérard Lomié, 152 community forests with an area of ​​608,000 hectares and two communal forests of around 70,000 hectares have been identified within a radius of 250 km, in the neighboring departments of Boumba and Ngoko, Kadey and Dja and Lobo. Or a potential of some 30,000 m 3 of wood logs from municipal forests and 120,000 m3 from community forests.

On an industrial level, there is therefore matter. “The project aims to pool potential, contributions and resources for efficient, profitable and sustainable operation, ensuring better traceability and product certification,” said the municipal magistrate.

Among the expected socio-economic impacts, more than 3,000 jobs created, including 800 direct, the recovery of wood waste, increased municipal revenues, the construction of a training center for wood trades, etc. For Minmidt, this project is in line with the operationalization of the forest-wood pillar, of the Industrialization Master Plan of Cameroon. “The development of the wood processing sector is a government priority and a central pillar for industrialization.
Indeed, the transformation of forest products is one of the major strategic axes of the valorization of our raw materials, still exported in the raw state “, explains Gabriel Dodo Ndoke for whom the implementation of the project will positively impact on development surrounding localities and on the economy. The Minmidt also visited the project site, with an area of ​​59 ha.
The government’s support for the project materialized in particular through the financing of works to develop the access road to the site, feasibility studies, a financing agreement of up to 200 million F from the program. in charge of assistance for the development of the Dja mining loop, assistance in finding an international technical and financial partnership, etc.

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