With a view to putting the country back on the path of economic and social progress after the economic and social crisis it has gone through, the Government has implemented an industrial policy, one of the major components of which is the development of a system National standardization and promotion of quality in line with the economic and social objectives displayed.

To this end, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, proceeded by decree n ° 2009/296 of September 17, 2009, to the creation of the Agency for Standards and Quality (ANOR). It is a public administrative establishment with legal personality and financial autonomy, placed under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Industry and under the financial supervision of the Ministry responsible for finance.


In collaboration with the administrations and public and private organizations concerned, ANOR’s mission is to contribute to the development and implementation of government policy in the field of standardization and quality in Cameroon. To this end, it is responsible for: developing and approving standards; certification of compliance with standards; the promotion of standards and the quality approach with public, parapublic administrations and private sector organizations; monitoring cooperation with international organizations and specialized committees in the fields of standardization and quality; conducting studies relating to standardization and drawing up proposals for measures to improve the quality of products and services and compliance with standards; dissemination of information and documentation on standards and quality; any other mission that may be entrusted to it by the government, in the field of standards and quality.

ANOR plays a leading role in the development of quality infrastructure adapted to Cameroon’s ambitions and provides the foundations for excellence in political, economic, social and cultural matters. It is a tool and a platform for standardization which will make it possible to integrate quality culture into our society.

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